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Everything You Need to Know About StartApp

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What is the advertiser portal?

The advertiser portal is a user friendly interface which can allow you to create, manage and review your ad campaigns. The interface allows easy campaign setup, targeting your traffic and reviewing your statistics. It only takes a few minutes to begin promoting your ads on our network.

How do I open an advertiser account?

Opening an advertiser account is free and simple. In a few quick steps, you can become a StartApp advertiser and gain access to a large amounts of high quality, global traffic.

How do I setup my first campaign?

Setting up your first campaign is very simple and within a few easy steps you can begin promoting your ads on our network.

Which ad types does StartApp support?

We run several ad types both inside and outside of the apps. This ensures maximum visibility no matter the type of user.

Which Banner sizes does StartApp Support?

We use a variety of standard banner sizes to ensure your ads will be visible and stand out as much as possible.

Which business model does StartApp Support?

At the moment we work on CPC basis only. For more advanced options, please contact support:

Which operating systems does StartApp Support?

We currently run on Android for both inapp and out of app ad types and iOS for high performing inapp options

Which parameters can I target by?

You can target by country, carrier, device type, category and maturity. We are working on additional parameters in the near future to ensure your campaigns are working on optimal levels.

How can I pay?

We accept payment via Paypal/credit card. Payment is rendered prior to uploading a campaign. The budget is defined by the payment amount you enter and the campaign will continue running as long as you have funds in your account.

What products can I promote?

You can promote either app links in the play store or app store or mobile web content.