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StartApp is among the 15 Tech Companies that are Taking NYC By Storm

Watch out, Silicon Valley. New York City is bursting at the seams with highly valuated technology companies that are beyond burgeoning—they’re firmly grounded in the city’s landscape and laying the foundation of a new Silicon Valley by the Hudson.

StartApp is among the 25 Hot Israeli Tech Startups by Forbes

Israel’s dynamic tech startup scene is no secret. The country has been called the “start-up nation” for years and, today, only the U.S. and China have more companies listed on the NASDAQ than Israel’s 90 – worth a total of $40 billion. Innovation continues and a new crop of Israeli tech startups are on their way up, transforming healthcare, entertainment, finance, media and a myriad of other industries. The hot startups below have secured funding from investors, and are perhaps, on their way to successful exits or IPOs. Here are 25 Israeli tech startups to watch this year:

As it rolls out on iOS, ad platform StartApp hits 250 million monthly active users

Mobile advertising platform StartApp now boasts 250 million monthly active users as well as 100,000 integrated apps.

StartApp's CEO featured on Mashable

Do You Have the Emotional Intelligence Employers Seek? a few key factors that go into developing and displaying your emotional intelligence in a job search setting.

StartApp's CEO featured on How to Create a Culture of Innovation

Almost all startups start with an innovative product or new approach to the market; that’s part of the nature of having a startup. Very few and usually the least successful ones go with the “me too” approach.

StartApp was chosen by The Huffington Post as one of 11 Israeli Startups 'Making it' in the U.S.

One of the most common problems facing app developers is monetization. StartApp addresses this problem directly, offering clients a host of products to solve their mobile monetization woes.

10X Growth in 18 Months

StartApp hits 1.5B downloads, 70K installs, and 200M daily impressions. Key to being able to generate that level of developer interest is having a strong relationship with thousands and thousands of advertisers and having interesting and creative ad units.

StartApp Rakes in 1 Billion Downloads

The startup has just announced its one-billionth download, securing the company as a major industry player in mobile advertising and distribution.

StartApp reveals the 3D ad

StartApp has revealed the brand new 3D AppWall, which gives in-app ads new spunk -- and promises a visually-appealing ad strategy that users won't be able to ignore

StartApp is one of the 15 most explosively growing companies

In less than two years, Startapp has garnered over 800 million downloads and 25,000 app embeds. StartApp provides a mobile search engine plugin that integrates with any Android application.

StartApp is transforming the mobile industry

As more and more developers look for ways to profit from the mobile boom, StartApp is one company helping along the way, latching onto the opportunity to innovate with new technologies.

StartApp's growth explodes: 500 million downloads

StartApp itself came from literally nowhere to being what it calls “the largest independent search distribution network in the Western world.”

StartApp is a transformational technology company

With the advent of StartApp, developers can monetize their apps with minimal disruption to the user experience; With over 500 million downloads and 15,000 app embeds to date, StartApp has become a hit among developers.

StartApp hits the half a billion downloads mark

During the last eight months, the number of apps working with StartApp has trebled to reach 15,000 applications.

StartApp Is Making Mobile Feasible for Small Businesses

This is one startup that stands to seriously aid entrepreneurs and developers as they attempt to make a living off of their mobile creations.

StartApp is the #2 mobile monetization tool according to the Huffington Post

This unique model is a hit among developers because it doesn't alter the app experience – keeping it free of ads.

StartApp was chosen by Newsgeek as one of the 10 startup to that 'did it' in 2010

StartApp was chosen to be indluded in this list due to the fast growth both in the number of developers using their solutions and in the number of StartApp's downloaded.

StartApp featured on VentureBeat: “A truly innovative way to monetize in the mobile apps

Instead of forcing developers to charge a fee or add ads, StartApp generates revenue by using search

StartApp is one of the 5 fastest growing startups according to Business Insider

With StartApp’s ingenious and explosively growing mobile search engine, developers may have finally found a solid monetization solution.

StarApp will make millions - cent by cent

The most successful business models in the virtual world are the ones managing to make a very small income from hundreds of millions of users.

StartApp has reached its first 150,000,000 downloads

StartApp's product, offering an alternative mobile search, is downloaded about 1.25 millions times a day

StartApp featured on TechCrunch: “ 150 million downloads - is a huge spike in growth „

Some developers have said that they have generated 10 times more revenue than they were before implementing StartApp.

StartApp featured on VentureBeat: 10x more revenue to developers

With the sheer volume of downloads and rapidly expanding customer base (StartApp now integrates with 3,500 Android apps), the solution seems to be working.

StartApp Interview on – Our VP Marketing, Itay, gives some more info about StartApp

“1 million downloads proves monetising from search bolt-on works on Android, says StartApp’s Itay Rokni”.

StartApp featured on Techcrunch: “StartApp's New Monetization Platform For Android Bundles Search With Apps”

“StartApp is a new monetization and distribution platform for Android applications designed to address the challenges the platform has created in terms of revenue generation for developers”

StartApp featured on IntoMobile: “StartApp introduces new monetization option for Android developers”

“StartApp thinks there's a better way to help developers get some cash, while at the same time bringing a better end-user experience.”

StartApp featured on AppBoy: “Startapp Brings Google's Web Monetization Model to Android Apps”

StartApp featured on AppBoy: “Startapp Brings Google's Web Monetization Model to Android Apps” “Startapp is now launching a new and interesting solution for Android developers to monetize their apps. In one word? Search. Hey, it worked for Google, didn't it?”

StartApp featured on PocketGamer: “StartApp looks to monetise Android apps with bundled search bookmark”

StartApp featured on PocketGamer: “StartApp looks to monetise Android apps with bundled search bookmark” ”with StartApp-generated revenue coming in anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 should a developer be lucky enough to top the rather lofty figure of 1 million downloads.”

Startapp is among the 12 Tech Companies Primed For Exits Or IPOs In 2015

Since its founding at the end of 2010, mobile ad platform StartApp has experienced skyrocketing growth. Known for producing innovatively designed mobile ads that integrate well with apps’ existing functionality, while helping developers monetize their apps, the company’s SDK has been integrated into 150,000 apps and reaches 350 million monthly active users. With mobile increasingly heating up, alongside StartApp’s strong market position and continuing growth, 2015 may be a seminal year for the company.

StartApp celebrates 350 million MAU

Two months since it announced that it had hit the 1.5 billion download mark, and now mobile ad platform StartApp has passed the 350 million MAU milestone with 150,000 integrated apps.


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